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Frequently Asked Questions

2+ Entry:

Can I come to an earlier open evening?

There is a high demand for Open Evenings and there can often be a wait before you can attend an Open Evening. As we offer on a first come, first served basis, Open Evenings are also managed on this basis to ensure we are fair and equitable to everyone.

Is there a registration fee?

We do not charge a registration fee.

Why have I not been offered my first choice of place?

Places are very limited therefore it is not always possible to offer your first choice of place. We will offer whichever type of place we have available for your child. If we are unable to offer a place, we will offer you the opportunity to add your child to our waitlist.

Where is my child on the waitlist?

Our policy is not to reveal position on the waitlist. Our admissions policy can be found here.

Do you have a sibling policy?

Wherever possible, we will give priority to siblings, however if a class group is already full this may not always be possible.

Can my child attend for flexible hours or days?

Due to the way our curriculum is structured, to ensure all children get access to the full curriculum, we only offer five mornings, five afternoons or 5 full days. We cannot offer flexible schedules.

Do you offer lunch for morning children?

Due to the government mandated Staff to Child ratio, we are unable to offer lunch to morning children.

Do you offer breakfast or an evening meal?

Full time children will receive morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea. Morning children will receive a morning snack only and afternoon children will receive afternoon tea only.

Can my child get 15 or 30 hours free?

Due to the way our curriculum is structured, we do not offer part weeks or flexible hours. Because of this, we are not able to take part in this scheme.

My child is 3, can they join the school now?

We sometimes have occasional places become available, however priority will be given to children already on the waitlist.

I have a morning/afternoon place, is it possible to switch to full time/morning?

Places are allocated from 2+ to 4+ or 7+, therefore, unless another family needs to change place or terminates their place, it may not be possible to move you to a morning or full time place.

My child is not yet born; can I apply?

We are happy to accept registrations for unborn children if the parents feel comfortable applying. However, we do request an acceptance deposit to secure the place, so please ensure you read our terms and conditions regarding acceptance deposits before accepting an offered place.

When will I hear if my child has a place or not?

We process registration forms once a week. All offers are made on a first come, first served basis dependent on availability in your child’s class.

My friend has attended an Open Evening after me, yet you were able to offer them a place and not me. Why was this? I thought you offered on a first come, first served basis.

Places are allocated based on the date of birth of the child, occasionally even a matter of days can make the difference between which class group your child is in and availability of spaces.

4+ Entry:

Can I switch between core day and full time?

If there is another family that wishes to change place it may be possible.

My child is in Year 1 can they join the school?

We may have occasional places available in Reception or Year 1. If you wish to enquire about availability, please contact [email protected].