You can register for Mulberry House School by completing the form below.  Before doing so, please ensure you have:

a) Attended one of our open evenings (unless other siblings have attended the school at some point).

b) Read the school?s Admissions Policy.

c) Read the terms and conditions relating to registration.

Your child

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If we are unable to offer you a place would you like your child's name to be put on our waiting list? * 
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Please confirm the age at which your child will leave Mulberry House to start their next school * 
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Proposed next school

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Father / legal guardian

Mother / legal guardian

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Will you require information in a form other than written/spoken English? * 
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Other people with parental responsibility

Please provide the name(s) and current address(es) of any other person with parental responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility) for the above named child. Their consent to the child attending the School will be required if an offer of a place is made.
Title * 
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Full name * 
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Address (including post code) * 
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Connections with the school

Please mention here the names of any other members of the family attending the School or registered for entry, for example, if any siblings have attended the School or there is any other connection with the School. *  Missing sibling name.
Please indicate how you first heard of the School: *  Missing Preferrred type of place.

Current Nursery/School

Name and address of School/Nursery * 
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Telephone Number * 
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Dates of attendance * 
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Name of Headteacher/Manager * 
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Further information

Please provide us with details of any medical condition, health problem or allergy affecting your child, any learning difficulty, disability, or special educational need of your child, as well as any behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulty of your child (if applicable)  * 
Missing problems.


Early registration is recommended. Registrations will be considered in the order they are received. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made. A copy of the School's Terms and Conditions will be supplied on request.


I / We request that our child named above is registered as a prospective pupil.

I / We understand that the School (through the Headteacher, as the person responsible) may obtain, process and hold personal information about me / us which may include financial information provided by me / us or by any licensed credit reference agency or information contained in any court orders, petitions or proceedings.

I / We understand that the School may also obtain, process and hold personal information about our child which may include sensitive information such as medical details, and we consent to this for the purposes of assessment and, if a place is later offered, in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.

I / We enclose this completed Registration form duly signed by me / us.

Signature(s) of parent(s) / legal guardian(s)

First parent / legal guardian

Second parent/legal guardian

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 I have read and agree with the terms & conditions
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