At Mulberry House School, we constantly strive to produce well-rounded children…

…capable of communicating with confidence with the people they meet.

With this in mind, we provide children with a wide range of experiences to develop their interests and enrich their learning opportunities. The first-hand experiences of learning outside the classroom helps to make subjects more vivid and interesting and contributes significantly to children’s personal, social and emotional development.

Visits to museums, galleries, wildlife centres and theatres are organised alongside topics and children’s interests.  Visitors to the school also provide interesting and specialist knowledge to extend learning.

Children can also join a wide range of clubs when they attend the second school. Enrichment across and beyond the curriculum encourages problem solving, creative thinking and higher order thinking skills.

Gifted and Talented

All children are provided with an education that challenges, stimulates and enables them to develop depth of understanding and confidence.

Children’s progress is tracked from entry to the school with more able, gifted and/or talented pupils being identified by the class teacher.

This takes place through observations, assessment against performance checklists and performance in standardised tests of ability.  Working with parents we devise a program with targets to ensure individual gifts or talents are nurtured and developed.