Children receive specialist music tuition from age two. Singing is something that all children enjoy and it is one of the first experiences children have as creative and self-expressive beings.  It is essential also in developing children’s speaking and listening skills.

The children begin learning about rhythm and beat through the use of percussion instruments,  moving on to reading music and playing the recorder in the Prep classes. This enables children to expand their musical horizons at their next school and have the opportunity to develop a lifelong passion for music.

Children can join the school choir from Prep I. The choir has around 30 members and performs at school events, carol services and other venues. The choir rehearses during Thursday lunchtimes.


From the Transition class onward, children receive specialist drama tuition. The curriculum is based upon developing children’s imagination, communication and creativity.

The lessons focus on building a strong foundation of performance skills and developing interpersonal and communication skills. All lessons are taught practically and cover dramatic styles and genres.  A variety of workshops and theatre visits are organised and theatre companies are regularly invited into school to support and extend curriculum learning.

The children are fully engaged in music and drama throughout their time in the school.

usic is key to the development of children, and it is incorporated into the daily life of the children from their earliest days in the first school, and extended right through their time here to regular concerts and stage productions.