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Beyond the Classroom

We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances

Learning Outside The Classroom Manifesto 2006

At The Mulberry House School, we constantly strive to produce well-rounded children capable of communicating confidently with the people they meet. With this in mind, we provide children with a wide range of experiences to develop their interests and enrich their learning opportunities through first hand experiences.

Visits to the local park, Whipsnade Zoo and the National Portrait Gallery are organised alongside topics and children’s interests. Visitors to the school also provide interesting specialist knowledge to extend learning.

Full time and afternoon children can also join a wide range of clubs throughout the school and these have included, Spanish, Ball Skills, Crafts and Drama club.

Our outdoor classroom at Westbere Copse (a local nature reservehas enabled the children to explore the natural environment first hand; building on their resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Each class visits the Copse weekly and this enables them to develop problem solving skills; giving them the ability to connect with nature. Outdoor sessions have included pond dipping, minibeast hunts and even a Gruffalo hunt. The children have the opportunity to build relationships and use teamwork outside. These are vital life skills, essential in them becoming independent learners.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

First School

The clubs in the First School run from 5.00pm to 5.30pm for full-time and afternoon children only.

The Badgers’ Classes

The clubs in the Badgers’ classes run from 4.30pm to 5.00pm for full-time and afternoon children only.

The Transition Classes

The clubs in the Transition classes run from 5.00pm to 5.30pm for full-time and afternoon children only.