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Creative Minds

The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create

President Barack Obama

Children at The Mulberry House School develop confidence and self-esteem through drama, dance, visual arts and music. Throughout their early school career, the children have many opportunities to play, imagine and create both in and outside the classroom and through performance. Through play-based learning activities, there are many opportunities for the arts: role play, singing, dancing, sand, water play, art and music. Our aim is to inspire and stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination through a wealth of Arts based experiences.

Annual highlights include an art exhibition, LAMDA examinations, Mulberry’s Got Talent, choir, termly concerts and Glee. We also offer a wealth of Arts based clubs during and after school hours. To further enrich the curriculum, each class has a specialist teacher for Art, Music and Drama across the school.

In 2019, we started our official Artsmark journey an award that will be sought in the next two years and will ensure our provision for the arts is as deeply embedded into all other areas of the curriculum.