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Hands on Science – Electricity and Circuits

By June 17, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

On Friday all of the Prep classes were treated to a workshop from ‘Hands on Science’. The children had fun getting up close and personal with circuit boards, appliances and batteries. They experimented with sounds and lights and even used their own bodies as a circuit!

They discovered a whole multitude of facts including:

  • Electricity is a flow
  • A flow of energy requires a circuit
  • It is possible to change the brightness of bulbs in a circuit.
  • Current is moving electricity
  • A circuit is a map for the current to follow
  • Electricity can only flow around a complete circuit with gaps
  • A switch being turned off and on breaks or completes the circuit
  • Voltage is the force of ‘push’ which moves the current
  • Batteries and other sources supply electricity
  • Some materials allow current to flow through them, they are called conductors, and some materials don’t allow current to flow through them (insulators).

Mulberry is a school full of little scientists!