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London Landmarks

By May 20, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

In a landmark year for their education, it seemed only fitting that the Prep III class should take a tour of their home city’s landmarks as part of the Leavers’ Programme. Extending their learning from our Journeys and Maps topic in Project last term, the children conducted independent research about the significance of a variety of historical and architectural icons around London, helping select exciting locations to visit and working out the best routes to take. After journeying to Westminster and enjoying a snack at the Victoria Tower Gardens by the Houses of Parliament, the children enjoyed sketching the spectacular views along the Thames from vantage points including Lambeth Bridge. There was great discussion about the styles of the many buildings and statues observed and some impressive comments about the contrast of old and new! Following a picnic lunch in St. James’ Park, the children rounded off their tour with a stroll down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.