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Mini First Aid

By May 20, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

As part of a special workshop from Mini First Aid, the Prep III class learnt all about the importance of first responders in emergency situations and how they themselves could help to save a life. After learning how to assess for danger and check for a casualty’s response, the children were taught how to check their breathing and open up their airways by tilting their head back and supporting their chin. They then explored a variety of scenarios including how to deal with a casualty who is breathing but not responding and how to deal with a casualty who is not breathing. The latter of these scenarios found the children working with special training mannequins, learning how to administer rescue breaths and chest compressions in order to keep pumping blood and oxygen around their casualty’s body while awaiting the help of the ambulance services. The children also experienced how to deal with choking, learning how to provide abdominal thrusts and back blows to help dislodge a casualty’s airway blockage. Since the session, many a teddy bear and backpack has been observed receiving CPR as the children have enjoyed practising their new found skills!