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The Nursery School

Children’s Nursery School London

At The Mulberry House School, we think that a well-rounded education should nurture each and every child. At our nursery school, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework. 

The ethos for early years education at The Mulberry House School aims to develop curiosity and resilience among our youngest pupils. This approach allows us to instil a love of learning, something we hope will last a lifetime and prepare our nursery school pupils with the skills needed to achieve academic and personal excellence throughout their education. 

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Find Out About The Nursery School Curriculum

Early Years Preschool North London - The Mulberry House School

Teaching Preschool Children How To Learn

Children’s brains are wired for growth. We believe in encouraging reflective thinking, enabling children in early years education to begin to work out things for themselves.

Not only does this improve their own ability to evaluate their learning but it will encourage them to persevere. Typically, we’ll ask pupils open-ended questions that help them to build on their prior learning and gain confidence in an educational setting. 

Education and Enrichment

Although much of the pupil experience at our nursery school is classroom-based, pupils also enjoy a wider experience to help develop communication skills and engage with their surroundings. We think visits to the local park are beneficial for building confidence.

We also take our pupils further afield, such as organising excursions to Whipsnade Zoo and the National Portrait Gallery. These are organised to support learning, and other enrichment programmes include clubs covering anything from music, drama and performing arts, to foreign languages.

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Attainment and Wellbeing at the Mulberry House School

The Mulberry House School operates a non-selection policy. Nevertheless, pupils who have been at our school since the age of two consistently exceed national averages in all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This high level of attainment comes down to the way we teach children to think, not what to think, a key part of our wellbeing strategy where spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is introduced throughout the curriculum.

Nursery School Entry

The Mulberry House School welcomes children into nursery classes after their second birthday. Children can attend nursery school five days a week for four hours either in the morning, from 8 am, or in the afternoon from 1:45 pm. There is also the option for your child to attend over the course of the full day, from 8.00am to 5.45pm. Early registration is advisable as there is a high demand for places. 

Nursery School North London - The Mulberry House School