The Mulberry House School is a leading independent nursery that accepts children from Golders Green and much of the rest of Northwest London. Situated on Minster Road in West Hampstead, we are ideally located for residents of Golders Green as well as those living a little further afield in Highgate and Hampstead.

The nursery school is located close to Westbere Copse which is where some of our outdoor classes take place. This patch of green land in the urbanity of the city offers nursery children the chance to explore nature and to develop vital life skills along the way.

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Nursery Education For Golders Green

The focus is on providing a secure and enjoyable educational environment for all of our pupils at The Mulberry House School. This starts off from day one at our nursery given that it will often be the very first time that children have attended a place of education and been introduced to classroom-based activities, certainly among other attendees.

That’s why our management team and teaching staff always aim to provide a supportive yet stimulating place to learn where children from Golders Green can express themselves in all areas, from literacy to creativity and from global citizenship to the sporting spirit.

Parents and carers living in Golders Green often choose our nursery for their child because of the way the school was initially founded. This was when strived to make it a place where each child’s full academic potential could be realised while the necessary support for individual talents would still be nurtured. This approach still informs our educational ethos to this day. The mission at The Mulberry House Nursery School is to engender a love of learning among all who attend, including, of course, our Golders Green children.

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Nursery Education For Golders Green

Because The Mulberry House Schools accepts children from Golders Green on an independent, non-selection basis, we can operate without a predetermined catchment area. So, whichever part of Golders Green you happen to live in, it is worth applying to us for a place for your child. Our nursery school will provide a place for children from Golders Green from the day they become two years old, usually at the start of the following week during term time.

Please note that our nursery school is open to applications from Golders Green residents for full-day schooling, as well as morning and afternoon sessions. We run a 47-week academic year, so if your child is two during the summer holidays, the full school year will be open to them. Nursery places for Golders Green inhabitants are sought after so an early application is often the best way to secure a place for your child.