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We empower the children to raise their voices and to understand that no matter their age, they can create significant positive changes in the world. Following the discoveries they make as part of World News Wednesday, the children prove themselves true philanthropists. Most recently, they have organised pop-up food banks in response to the cost-of-living crisis and held fundraising events to support those affected by natural disasters and the refugees displaced by conflicts. Learning about climate change, the children help to organise activities that raise awareness of ways that people can reduce their impact on the environment and lead a more sustainable life; Walk to School Week and Environmental Awareness Week have become an incredibly important part of the school calendar, as has the Preps’ Bermondsey Beach Clean-Up trip in support of the work of Thames 21. Celebrating diversity and learning about the importance of social action in the face of injustice, the children also create initiatives to promote equity, inclusion and friendship as celebrated in their being presented with a special award at the House of Commons.