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Speaker’s Corner

Actively promoting Article 12 of the UNCRC at every opportunity, we ensure that our children understand their right to be heard and to share their thoughts in the decisions that affect them. Pupils across all classes have access to our Speaker’s Corner via Google Classroom platform which (with the support of staff for those in the EYFS, and independently for those in the Prep classes) they enthusiastically use as a forum to pose important questions and contribute their ideas to help shape school life and learning. Following their election, our Pupil Parliament representatives have weekly meetings to discuss what arises on Speaker’s Corner as well as important matters such as special school events, challenges and competitions. Our team of Shadow MPs keep the Cabinet on their toes and hold them to account when it comes to the actions they have promised to take. Most recently, in response to peer feedback, the MPs for Co-Curricular have been conducting a review of clubs throughout the school, and our MPs for Health and Wellbeing have conducted surveys on school snacks and lunches, to ensure that there is something on offer for everyone.