Our Staff

Victoria Playford



  • BA (Hons)
  • QTS

We reach high to be the people we want to be, respect ourselves and others and enjoy each new challenge

BethanFounder & Proprietor

Squirrels class
(age 2-2½ years)

Name Position Qualifications
Maria Adela Fojo Nebril Deputy Headteacher EYFS QTS


Stella Adamidou Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Mafi Rahman Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Olivia John-Charles Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Sandhya Baid


Early Years Teacher NVQ 3

Otters class
(age 2½-3 years)


Name Position Qualifications
Natalia Burzec Early Years Teacher BA
Rebecca Johnston Early Years Teacher Diploma
BA (Hons)
Nicole Smith Early Years Teacher NVQ 3
Hattie Spilsbury Early Years Teacher QTS
Anna Maria Planamente Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)

Badgers class
(age 3-3½ years)

Name Position Qualifications
Carla Garcia Fernandez Senior Teacher EYFS

Early Years Teacher

Andjelka Savovic Early Years Teacher BA Postgraduate Diploma
Tilly Reynolds Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Sasha Mohinani  Early Years Teacher PGCE

Transition class
(age 3½-4 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Michelle Danaher Early Years Teacher NVQ 3
Eleni Odysseos Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Zoe Argyrou Early Years Teacher BA (Hons)
Athina Tertiropoulou Early Years Teacher QTS
Elizabeth Graham  Early Years Teacher BEd

Prep I Alpha class
(age 5 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Charity Yaotey  Reception Teacher  BA (Hons)
Chloe O’Connell Jones Reception Teacher BA (Hons)

Prep I Epsilon class
(age 5 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Vicky Lafazani Reception Teacher BEd
Rebecca Hennigan Reception Teacher BA (Hons)

Prep II Alpha class
(age 6 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Camilla McDonald KS1 Teacher BA (Hons)


Electra Lyhne-Gold KS1 Teacher BA (Hons)
Selina Ford Learning Support Assistant BA (Hons)

Prep II Epsilon class
(age 6 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Erika Billmore KS1 Teacher BA (Hons)
Nada Kidan KS1 Teacher BA (Hons)

Prep III Alpha class
(age 7 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Fatma Ozkocak KS1 Teacher BA (Hons)
Amelia Demicoli Senior Teacher – Curriculum BA


Prep III Epsilon class
(age 7 years)

Name Position Qualifications
Naomi Parkhill Senior Teacher – Pastoral BSc
Aenam Qureshi KS1 Teacher BA (Hons) 6


Name Qualifications Position
Marc Andrews NVQ PE Teacher
Janie Mack BA (Hons) Music Teacher
Diana Grace Jones BSc (Hons)
Literacy Teacher
Alison Yeung BA Mandarin Teacher
Harriet Barnes Diploma Creative Movements Teacher
Francesca Rice MA, BA (Hons) Drama Teacher


Name Qualifications Position
Faith Wormald BA (Hons) Admissions and Marketing Officer
Said El Omayry Food Hygiene Certificate School Cook (Second School)
Mary Hyndman Food Hygiene Certificate School Cook (First School)
Ana Victoria Fantin Food Hygiene Certificate Assistant Chef (Second School)
Parveen Farooq Food Hygiene Certificate Lunchtime and Playground Supervisor
Syvie Blay Food Safety Certificate QTS Lunchtime and Playground Supervisor
Pawel Stanek BSc Maintenance Person
Jessica Smallman BSc (Hons) Personal Assistant
Jay Harley Diploma Bursar