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Scientific Discovery

The most important question is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein

At The Mulberry House School we believe firmly in fostering the young scientists of tomorrow. We expose pupils to an enriching and diverse STEM curriculum, with external speakers, inspiring workshops and trips, including The Natural History Museum’s Investigation Lab and the ZSL Research Centre. Our themed STEM weeks provide a platform for scientific freedom and real world application. Past projects have included the creation of maze runs and a practical introduction to computer science and robotics with our school drones. The children are taught to enquire, classify and question all aspects of the world around them.

They develop the skills of predicting, observing, concluding and conducting experiments with scientific rigour. Our annual Science Fair is organised and held by our Prep III pupils, building on their own personal interests. We provide a limitless ceiling for our pupils to take a fearless approach in the pursuit of possibilities.