Lunch & Snack Menus

Lunch Menu

The lunchtime menu will alternate between the two schedules shown below.  All food is home-made and freshly prepared in The Mulberry House School kitchens.

Ingredients lists and information on allergens for each dish are available for parents on request. The school will alter dishes where necessary to accommodate those with allergies.

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Snack Menu

Snacks are provided during morning and afternoon breaks for all children.

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School Nutritionist

My philosophy is that food and eating should be an enjoyable experience, but also a healthy one.  I am a BANT registered nutritional therapist, bespoke chef, culinary teacher and a mother. I qualified after 3 years of studying, from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2014. Before studying nutrition, I was a chef for 17 years, so I understand food must be tasty as well as nutritious!

I support women to take back control of their bodies; so they feel physically empowered rather than dominated by their symptoms.  My clinic specialises in women’s health – hormone balancing, chronic bladder conditions, fertility and pregnancy, weaning and child health, menopause and bone health.  I also specialise in gut health, this being the seat of all our health.

I work with personalised nutrition, looking at the individual and the root cause.  I support clients to find a new way of eating that fits in with their lifestyle, ensuring that clients can reach their goals in a realistic and healthy manner that is achievable for them to continue with on-going. 

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Kate’s Recipe Ideas

Gluten free pita bread and quinoa balls recipeView
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Cauliflower pizza recipeView
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Flapjack recipeView
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