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What can you do

Our Eco parent representative supported us with our Carbon Zero week activities as well as Earth day activities. He supported the children’s ideas and collaborated his own. The children were very confident with sharing their ideas with him and at the end we had a list of different activities that we could do for both school events.

List of activities collated

  • Walk or Cycle to School
  • Make Computers last long time – not replaced every other year – so reduce impact on planet and resources
  • Purchase sustainable grown paper – replant cut down forests and limit impact on ecology where they are cut down
  • Tri-glaze all windows to reduce energy loss and prevent temperature fluctuations
  • Make sure building and roof are highly insulated to reduce heat loss during winter and reduce thermal temperature rises during summer
  • Turn off lights when building is not used
  • Replace lights with low energy LEDs
  • Value the books you have – if you want to replace ensure they go to children’s charities that would give them to other deserving children in UK or globally – Nonprofit Supporting Girls’ Education & Literacy Programs – Room to Read
  • Consider food and snacks come from good sources with less impact on environment and resources – both brought in and produced by the school
  • Create “green spaces” in school and at home – bird boxes and feeders, wild spaces that are not cut down, hedgehog homes, do not use pesticides, insecticides or molluscides – grow plants for bees and insect

Things that we can do every day:

  • Collect food waste
  • Put litter into the correct bins
  • Try to print in black and white
  • Plan lessons using recyclable materials
  • Switch off unused electrical appliances
  • Ensure that taps are off
  • Use one paper towel to dry our hands
  • Reducing plastic waste by not bringing in single use plastic for snack