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5 reasons to walk, scoot or cycle to school

By February 28, 2020June 1st, 2020No Comments

One of the easiest ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more environmentally friendly is opting for an alternative way to commute to school or work. Here are five reasons why we encourage you to try something new!

Learn on the go

There are so many opportunities to learn during your commute, from exploring new routes, identifying key landmarks or even simply observing the leaves turn from a rich green to an earthy autumnal hue. It’s a great way to apply knowledge acquired during your child’s time at school too, such as the key principles of road safety which we covered during ‘Beep Beep Day’.

Try thinking outside of the box. Would your child benefit from some extra time spent running through their times tables or practicing a foreign language? If so, your daily commute is not only a time for some one-to-one bonding with your child, but you could supplement their learning too.

Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine

Government guidelines suggest that children over the age of five years should aim for at least one hour of moderate intensity physical activity every single day. This could be walking to school, riding a scooter or playing in the playground. Depending on your child’s age and how far away from school you live, you may have no choice but to use public transport for part of your commute – but remember that you could always get off the bus or train a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way.

Meet other pupils and parents

Walking to school with your child’s friends and neighbours isn’t just an opportunity for them to bond – it’s an ideal time for you to make friends with other parents and carers too. Spending more time with their peers allows children to develop their sociability and communication skills, as well as giving them a stronger sense of belonging within their local community. And, even though young children should always be supervised on their way to school, it helps to instill a sense of independence which is vital to their personal development.

Enjoy some fresh air

Regardless of our age, a brisk walk in the great outdoors can work wonders for looking after us. Over half of parents say that their child’s mood improves after walking to school, and as result, so does theirs. It’s also been known to reduce stress and improve sleep quality, as well as improve children’s concentration in the classroom – something which has been widely recognised in the scientific community for several years.

Reduce pollution and protect the planet

Environment and sustainability are close to our heart, and that’s why we decided to host our ‘Walk to School Week’ and install a scooter park to help those in a position to walk or get public transport reduce the amount of car journeys being made to and from school. Commuting accounts for a quarter of the UK’s CO2 emissions, with a majority of this being made up of car journeys with just one person in the car.

However, we understand that it’s not always possible to walk or scoot or cycle to school. That’s why we’ve adopted HomeRun, a car sharing app to reduce the number of car journeys being made to and from our school. Wherever possible, we encourage our pupils and parents to choose the healthiest, most enjoyable and sustainable mode of transport for everyday journeys.