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Achievement Assembly

By September 20, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

Congratulations to all of the Prep III children for working so hard this year. In September the Headteacher held a special assembly to celebrate their achievements.


Anton Vanguelov was awarded ‘The Mulberry House Way’ trophy

Yuya Fursato was awarded the ‘Recorder’ trophy

Feihong Lu and Jun Lau were awarded the ‘Maths’ trophy

Anton Menelaou was awarded the ‘Kindness’ trophy

Akshay Sakhrani and Liya Arunachalam were awarded the ‘Drama’ trophy

Anya Amir and Claire were awarded the ‘Reading’ trophy

Jacob Nehorai and Maya Bhattacharya were awarded the ‘Art’ trophy

Sophia Diolosa was awarded the ‘Music’ trophy

Jasmair Singh and Ethan Blades were awarded the ‘Listening, Concentrating and Remembering’ trophy

Monife Tayo was awarded the ‘Perseverance’ trophy

Fallon Miller was awarded the ‘Sporting Spirit’ trophy

Arabella Symonds and Rafferty Maher were awarded the ‘Headteacher’s award for Effort’ trophy