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The Adventures of the Cardboard Box

By July 4, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

Living in times where toys have become ever more complex and expensive, it was a delight to return to the cardboard boxes they come packaged in, seeing them not as rubbish, but as a renewable resource for play. Across the school, the children delighted in exploring the creative scope of cardboard, imaginatively engineering a wide variety of creations. In Preps, the children worked collaboratively to create a robot with a multitude of buttons to give it funky hairstyles and hats. They applied themselves with persevering spirit to make their robot stand tall, making it more stable by adding boxes to the base before giving it a cardboard heart to bring it to life. The children designed a snazzy sports car which they drove back in time to visit the dinosaurs. Upon encountering a rather fearsome t-Rex, they quickly had to activate transformation mode, pulling a special lever to turn their car into a plane so that they could fly back to the safety of home! They became young entrepreneurs, crafting a delivery van for their Preppy Pizzas business. Customers reported that the rainbow dough they used for their bases was particularly tasty!