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E-learning has become part of the ‘new normal’ for many educational establishments up and down the country over the past three months, as the sector has adapted to facilitate a new style of learning for children.

Our teaching staff have been working hard to develop a home learning platform for our pupils at The Mulberry House School during the lockdown period. We are also aware that our local community may find this resource useful. After recognising the need, we launched a free YouTube channel with selected lessons, available to anyone with children aged two to seven years old.

Here are a few of the key elements of our home learning platform.


We have created playlists of videos that bring together subjects across PE, music, numbers and phonics, to give the children a range of resources and activities to engage with.

Our online PE lessons are run with our own very popular Coach Marc and have been very popular already. Ms. Playford is providing story time for the children, reading some favourites such as Stick Man and Giraffes Can’t Dance. Our music teacher Janie Mack is crafting incredible music lessons for all of the children to join in with too.

By sorting our videos into categories and playlists we are able to provide easy access to our content and ensure children can independently view the videos made for them, helped by the auto-play function of playlists.

Age-tailored lessons and community outreach

Our lessons cover learning for children in the age range of two to seven years. Even if school-age children are receiving some online learning via their own school, we hope that they can still benefit from our music, PE and science experiment lessons to supplement their learning. For nursery-age children who may be missing out completely, we hope this channel will also prove to be an invaluable resource. By targeting different age ranges in the videos, we can deliver purposeful and educational content to each and every child.

As children gain new skills and develop their own knowledge, supplementing their growth with additional visual content is essential. We recognise the need for children of all ages to incorporate a range of styles of learning in their education, and we hope that our online learning platform will support this both now and in the future.

Although we are welcoming many of our pupils back into the school, we are also continuing to develop and add to our online learning platform, uploading new content on a weekly basis to support the continued education of our pupils and those in the local community too. Whatever the case, we would really like to share our resources with anyone who needs them through this YouTube channel.