At The Mulberry House School we firmly believe that there is a right school for every child. We strive to work in partnership with parents to find the school that is best suited to your child’s needs and learning styles alongside what works for you as a family both academically, pastorally and logistically. We encourage you to look at a range of schools, taking into account details such as their ethos, curriculum and extra-curricular activities as well as their approach to learning. As part of this process, we recommend that you visit these schools with your child prior to the assessment process. The overall aim is to find a school that will continue to develop your child’s love of learning.

When you join the Year 1 class (Prep II) the Headteacher and a senior member of staff with hold a 7+ curriculum talk where you can find out more about the process, the Feeder Headteachers are also invited into school the September before your child sits their assessments and you will have the opportunity to meet with them and hear more about their schools.