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Attainment Data 2017-2018


These graphs represent the high academic standard achieved at the school. Assessment of children’s work takes place both internally and is externally moderated with other schools. These results and the outcome of assessments for next schools at 4+ and 7+ show that the curriculum is appropriately challenging to enable all children to succeed.

Despite our non-selection policy, we continue to exceed National Averages in the in all areas of the EYFS. Whilst there have been small fluctuations over the past five years, our 2017-18 cohort performed 15% higher than other children nationally.

Nationally, Literacy and Numbers continue to be the two goals with the lowest percentage meeting or exceeding the Early Learning Goals. However, The Mulberry House School cohort achieved 91% in Literacy and Maths.


At the end of Year 1, State Funded Schools are required to carry out the Phonics’ screening check for all children. The Mulberry House School carries this check out a year earlier at the end of Reception.

Nationally, at the end of Year 1, 82% of children reached the screening threshold. In comparison, an average of 85% of The Mulberry House School Reception aged children met the screening threshold a year ahead of target. With 91% of The Mulberry House School Boys achieving the target and 78% of girls.

Nationally, 13% of children achieve 100% in the Phonics screening check. In comparison 17% of The Mulberry House School Reception aged children achieved 100% a year ahead of target.